Electronic Global Trade Credit Platform (shortly “eGTCP”) has been developed and operated by Zhejiang Great Tao E-Commerce Corporation. Based on the credit system, eGTCP provides buyers with a series of services in supply chain, including Order Matching & Sourcing, Trade Financial Services, Great Tao Credit Assurance Program(GTCA) and Logistics & Integrated Services,etc.

  • GT Credit Assurance

    Global Trade Credit Assurance Program, based on the credit, intends to assist the trading parties in providing a level of trust and resolving risk issues in trades. This program also aims at providing credit endorsement for international purchasers on behalf of Chinese foreign trade companies, and offering a trade assurance to trading parties enabling fast order confirmation.


    What is GTCP Card? A credit card issued to overseas buyers of Chinese goods, with which overseas buyers can make payments toward GT approved orders for Chinese exporters in the way of Open Account (OA Payment)! When international buyers apply for Global Trade Purchasing Card (GTCP Card) on, a certain credit line will be granted once the credit is assessed with good results by Great Tao Factoring. With GTCP Card, Great Tao Factoring will advance the payment of the order to Chinese suppliers, and international buyers could enjoy open account or installment payment term.


    Gate to China Program is a "made to measure" service for international buyers which is provided by It aims to help buyers purchase goods in China and make a long-term cooperation with Chinese suppliers.This program is divided into four services: Financial Services, Global Trade Services, Global Trade Credit Assurance Program(GTCA), Integrated Services.


    Credit Suppliers-Easy quick, safe and reliable.

    Platform Rewards: Max 1.2% of order volume.

    Credit Accumulation: More credit services on platform.

    Order Tracking: Online.


    The Annual Global Trade & Credit Conference is held on 19th, Sept.2016 in Ningbo every year. The Conference aims at providing the supplier and purchaser with good trading record the line of credit and support the purchaser in finance via the credit evaluation, so as to promote the successful trading deals between the supplier and purchaser.