Would you like to meet 900+ china suppliers in Chairman Mao’s hometown?

Would you like to meet 900+ china suppliers in Chairman Mao’s hometown?

We have the honor to hold our 1st “Made-in-China” Multinational Purchasing Match Meeting in Hunan Province, which aims at providing the supplier and buyer with good trading record the line of credit and support the buyer in finance via the credit evaluation, so as to promote the successful trading deals between the supplier and buyer.

Gaoqiao Around Market consists of eight professional markets, a total of nine categories of business about 1,700,000 kinds of goods.The main industries contains building materials, home appliances and electronics, clothing and shoes, daily necessities, toys, gifts and accessories, etc.

What Benefits Can We Get at the Purchasing Match Meeting?
·Max. 1.05% Rebate of Your Trade Volume on GTTOWN.COM;
·0.75% Subsidies of Your On-Site Order at the scene;
·$5000 Purchase E-Credit on GTTOWN.COM;
·Free Round Shuttle Bus from Guangdong to Changsha;
·Free Food & Accommodation;
·Traffic Allowance.

Here is the schedule!

Would you like to meet more than 200 buyers, 900 suppliers and 20 global trade service providers over here, while seeing and eating around Hunan?

More information about the Purchasing Match Meeting

Address:Hunan Gaoqiao Around Market, Changsha City, Hunan Province(湖南长沙高桥大市场)
Time: 11.06,2016 – 11.07,2016
Website: www.gttown.com

I’ll be Hunan purchasing match meeting, how about you?

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