Dubai’s BIG5 exhibition counts down

Dubai’s BIG5 exhibition counts down

The Middle East Dubai exhibition five industries (BIG5) began in 1980. It is influential in the Middle East and is the largest building, building materials and services for the exhibition. 

Today, the rapid development of the market for building in the Middle East, led to construction equipment, materials, construction machinery and vehicle demand, more attracted worldwide attention.

BIG5 provides a new platform to start business!
The 2016 Dubai BIG5 will be held on 21st—24th November in the united Arab emirates Dubai Word Trade Center, and will continue to come from the world of construction equipment, machinery, construction vehicles and equipment, material suppliers, provides a opportunity to chat business with Middle East countries buyers face-to-face, also for the Chinese enterprise provides a new platform to start business.

Embrace Great Tao, you will find surprice!

Now, Great Tao cordially invited you to visit our booth at the coming BIG5 2016, Dubai World Trade Center, from Nov.21st to 24th.
Concorde and Great Tao will be jointly presented at World Trade Credit e Platform Promotion Week. Both are very well performing and recognized on the Middle East market. This year, eGTCP will exhibit trade credit products particularly designed for Middle East market. Some of our products are on side with special innovative trade credit solution, with surprisingly interactive activities available from time to time. Please join us and be part of it!

Looking forward to seeing you at 2016 eGTCP Promotion Week in Dubai!

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