We Thanked You in 2016 and March Together with One Heart in 2017

We Thanked You in 2016 and March Together with One Heart in 2017

Great Tao Group annual meeting came to a successful end on Jan. 13rd, 2017. There were many wonderful moments remaining fresh in our memories at the meeting. It is time to report the meeting for making absent you feel the lively atmosphere.

Check-in — Many people have the habits to leave marks on one place. This is the reason why “Having Visited the Place” spreads over whole China. So the signature wall was indispensable for the annual grand ceremony. Those cool signatures left deep impressions on many guys.

Award Ceremony — A number of hardworking employees were handed out many awards, such as excellent employee award, outstanding newcomer award, and excellent team/individual award, etc.. 2016 was the rapid development year of GT Group. We meet here by destiny and thank for contributions of every one.

Lottery — The roll of Wechat head pictures on screen made us full of hope and expectation. Absolutely it was the most beautiful scenery. The people who hit the jackpot smiled from ear to ear, and other people who missed it was also infected by the atmosphere and still look forward to. Great Tao had prepared gifts for each employee and it was the most thoughtful thing. All harvested a lot. 

Performance — There were eight splendid performances at this meeting. The opening dance Roly Polly became the spotlight of the whole show. The solo+PPAP of Old Boy was the combination product of movement and peace. The Hanfu Show and We Walk on Great Tao had their own characteristics. Baby Dance and Lovelorn Alliance made audiences more exciting.

Thank you for your contributions at past times. The brilliant achievements Great Tao had made were owed to you. We will march together with one heart in 2017.

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