Huge Boost! eGTCP Grandly Announced Cooperation with First Global Data!

Huge Boost! eGTCP Grandly Announced Cooperation with First Global Data!

The listed company in Canada, First Global Data, officially released the announcement that it had successfully signed cooperative agreement with Electronic Global Trade Credit Platform (hereinafter referred to as eGTCP), and would develop online payments and data cooperation, at 6:00 a.m., Feb.7th, 2017, Canada time (7:00 p.m., Beijing time).

 First Global is an international financial services technology (“FINTECH“) company. The Company’s two main lines of business are mobile payments and cross border payments. First Global’s proprietary leading edge technology enables the convergence of compliant domestic and cross border payments, shopping, Peer to Peer (“P2P”), Business to Consumer (“B2C”), and Business to Business (“B2B”) payments. First Global enables its strategic partners and clients around the world with our leading edge financial services technology platform.

(Canada First Global Data’s shares rose 11.58% by cooperating with China eGTCP)

As a global B2B ecommerce integrate service platform, eGTCP endeavors to develop international business cooperation around the world, in order to better service global supply chain. This time eGTCP cooperates with First Global Data for two things. On one hand, it offers trade parties on the platform superior international payments service and more convenient online payments experience. On the other hand, eGTCP develops data exchange and resource share together with First Global Data, and offers accurate resource match to trade parties, for creating global trade integrity ecosystem and realizing the benefiting, empowering and co-win.

For this cooperation, “We are very pleased to cooperate with First Global Data. This will be an important step for the evolution of eGTCP business. First Global Data is a global leader in the field of mobile payments and online remittance, etc. So it will be bound to bring more opportunities for our B2B market. This cooperation succeeds in realizing the vision – benefiting, empowering and co-win of eGTCP”, said CHEN Weijun, eGTCP’s CEO.

“We are very pleased to be working with Gttown. The Chinese market dominates the ecommerce landscape, the B2B market is large and growing, and this is a key next step in First Global’s evolution. We had historically focused on the P2P and B2C market opportunities, and are very pleased to demonstrate that we are able to deliver services to the B2B markets around the world, as we continue to evolve into a full suite global FINTECH company”, said Andre Itwaru, First Global’s Chairman and CEO.

It is said that First Global’s network spans 97 countries, with the expansion to 112 countries expected by the end of 2017 and more than 54,000 distribution and payout locations globally. It is integrated with over 200 banks. First Global’s objective is to be one of the top two online money remittance companies and the leading provider of ubiquitous mobile money payment solutions around the world.

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