Great Tao Group was established in 2010 with headquarter located in Ningbo, China, the global fourth port city. Great Tao Group has many subsidiaries, such as Zhejiang Great Tao Factoring Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Great Tao Network Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Great Tao E-Commerce Corporation, Hangzhou Great Tao E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Ningbo Great Tao Credit Services Co., Ltd., Shandong Great Tao & Kwise Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Hunan Great Tao E-Commerce Corporation (in preparation), etc. Great Tao Group has overseas offices in Canada, America, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Australia and Britain, etc.
eGTCP.com is a leading platform of B2B E-commerce integrated service provider in China for the global trade supply chain, which is developed and operated by Great Tao Group. It offers services such as information exchange, order matching, credit evaluation, risk management, financial support, bad debts collection, import & export agent, forwarder, logistics & warehousing, and business opportunities development from global market, etc. With the mission of credit, innovation and value, and based on the GT Credit Pays, eGTCP.com aims to structure a brand new trade order and build an integrity ecosystem. eGTCP.com has been awarded the “Global Trade Integrated Service Provider of Zhejiang Province”. As the first commercial factoring company of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Factoring Co., Ltd. has been honored as “Base of Credit Research of Zhejiang Province”, “Ningbo Demonstration Enterprise of Credit Management”, “A-Level Enterprise of Credit of Zhejiang Province”, “Member of the Commercial Factoring Expertise Committee of CATIS” and “Member of the International Factoring Association (IFA)”.
Zhejiang Great Tao E-Commerce Corporation provides one-stop services of offices, equipment, overseas marketing, order hatching, trade financing, global trade agent, international logistics, supply chain management, exhibition services, legal consultation, trusteeship of finance, human resource, professional training and property management for cross border B2B and B2C E-commerce business of those settled companies.