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In April 2014, Great Tao Group Became One of The Members of The IFA
The International Factoring Association's (IFA) goal is to assist the Factoring community by providing information, training, purchasing power and resources.IFA has cooperated with Great Tao Group in the service of suppliers’ quality assessment, debts collection, and also two-factor system of export and import factoring.

As the only factoring company of China attending the Annual Factoring Conference of IFA, Great Tao Group has been invited three times since the year of 2014.In April 2014, Great Tao Group became one of the members of the International Factoring Association (IFA).

The conference attendees of IFA include factoring companies, banks, asset based lenders, stock and order financing companies, data technology companies, credit investigation companies, financial marketing companies and legal professionals. These companies are mainly from the United States, and also from Canada, and from the other countries of America, Europe and Asia, etc.

Great Tao Group shared its opinions on the prospects of Chinese factoring market, and the cooperation opportunities among Great Tao Group, the global commercial factors and service providers, towards the global commercial factors and service providers on the conference of IFA. Great Tao Group also stated the significance the rapid development of Chinese trade economy has on Chinese factoring market, global factors and service providers. Besides, Great Tao Group appealed to the attendees of the conference for building a development league of global factoring together and creating a platform of providing international financial services, foreign trade incubating and cross-border B2B business, etc., together matching the resources of trade, services and channels, etc., to help global businesses open Chinese market, and also help Chinese enterprises march to the global market, realize win-win cooperation and build an integrity ecosystem of international trade.

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